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Hi There;

I was searching my name on Google (I just do this once in a while to see what comes up under my name, just for fun.) and I saw this illustration that I did a few years back posted on my high school’s art page. I did this work at 2007 for my illustration program which I loved it so much and got me addicted to computer at the time. If I remember correctly we had to choose a picture and draw and paint every single shade of color on that picture on illustration CS2 program. I loved working with illustration so much. This picture made me go back to the projects that I did during high school in Photoshop and illustrator coarse I had.

Here is the picture and the link to my high school page.



I also had this work done for a friend of mine in Iran for his business. I did his letter head and business logo. Here is his website http://www.mahmilsazeh.ir/; and these are the original works that I have done for him.





From what I could find, I have done a few designs for my father’s business card which I am not sure if I have ever shown them to him. I guess he can see them now.

CART copy


And at the end I have these agenda and calendar covers that I worked for my high school.



This black and white design actually got published on the cover of the school calendar of that year.


I don’t believe that these are the best things that I have ever done and they are so perfect; No, but they mean so much to me and remind me of my high school years. They are a page in my book that I am very proud of.