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Hello there,

It has been a while since the last time I posted. In my last post I mentioned that I am starting school. Here I am one month through school. I have been trying very hard to post every week but I have no day off and the amount of work I get from school is a lot (keep in mind that I am moving end of this month as well). When I started this course I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to get in or where I am going to get with this but now I am absolutely loving it and I happen to be a big fan of collage. I have Illustration course which we are doing technical flats and soon will be developing our fashion croquis. The other subjects that I have are textile, world of fashion and sewing. In the sewing class we are just practicing pockets, seams, slits , vents and etc. But the one subject that I am absolutely loving is pattern drafting. I can’t tell you how much I love this course. The fact that you can take a garment or a design and make it possible to construct is blowing my mind away. We are drafting size 10 pattern for the class which makes me a bit sad because I can’t wear the skirts we are drafting now (I will post a picture of the skirt that we drafted and sew it but it is not a good picture and I didn’t have access to the iron in drafting class. forgive me). But as soon as I get little more time I am going to make most of those patterns in my own size (it would be a good practice).

Next week we have to design a skirt and draft the pattern and sew it. this whole process is going to take a few month but I will keep you posted. This will be my first garment that I design, draft and sew it.

The other day in our drafting class we drafted a skirt block with flounce at the bottom of it, as soon as we were done I realized that I have sewn the exact same skirt a while ago. So today I am posting this skirt that I made it from commercial pattern and now I know how to draft it myself.

Let me know what you think about it.











And here is the very unpleasant picture of the pegged-top skirt that we drafted.