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Hi there,

should I say again; long time no see. I do really really try to post new things that I have done but the truth is I have only done my homework so far, Nothing beyond and above. I am getting to the end of semester slowly which means I will get some more time to make new stuff and post more. Well, talking about homework, I have got some homework that I wanted to post.

There are things that I always wanted to do and there are things that I would never thought I would do. But, there is always the first time to everything either I like it or not. so, I have designed my first skirt ever in my drafting class and I have made a muslin of it to check my patterns (these were all homework). I have got a picture of my skirt. It is a size 10 but I put on a size 8 dress form. I am sorry for the bad fit. The pins on the skirt indicates that I changed that part of the pattern because I didn’t like the original look.





And these are my first fashion illustrations that I have done. Just to be clear the fist illustrations had to be done in all the animal prints that we learned in class (otherwise I wouldn’t squeeze in so many patterns). The second group of illustrations had to be winter line with all the textures we learned in class. Basically my focus was on the patterns and textures not designing a new idea. I never thought for a second in my life that I would ever do fashion illustration.








What do you think?

Hopefully I’ll come back soon.